Greetings lovelies, and welcome to the website that is worth its weight in pink. Here at the home-sweet-cyberspace-home of the Pretty Parlor you will find the same charm, wit, and focus on frill you have come to expect from the store itself (and much more).

Take a tour of the Parlor, meet Vincent the Parlor Kitty, and read what the press and our customers are saying about our delectable digs. Once you have had a little fun scampering about in our world-wide-wonders, you simply must stop in and sample our delights in the real world. There is so much to see, and our merchandise changes so frequently, we cannot possibly fit it all online. In fact the mere thought has us collapsing on our velvet couch. But you go on ahead and look around…we will be back on our feet in no time, a pink martini usually does the trick. (Why yes darling that is indeed BETSEY JOHNSON shopping at Pretty Parlor!)